Working for Getty Images

Uploading and selling your images to the company Getty Images is one of the most certain ways of getting income from the work you produce. This route is not for everyone, some photographers feel it disservices the hard and honest work they capture. There is however, many successful individuals who made a steady acceptable amount […]


Modern photography

Most successful photographers started young, however, no matter what age you decide to take up the endless visuals available for you to capture inspiration is often key. From friends being pleased with the photos you take of them to shooting mother nature, something amazing will happen and you will never look back! Sensuality of the […]


How to become successful in photography

The last century we have seen a rapid technological advancement in photography that has never been seen before on earth. Not long ago in society, portraits were a rarity and these events lasted hours where only certain individuals in the community would model for these paintings maybe once or twice in their lifetime. Powerful revolutionary […]


Children’s photography in your own home

Some parents will feel the need to capture moments in the lives of their children. These parents will also begin to recognize that getting professional shots of their children at a studio will cost more than the work that they could do themselves in the privacy of their own home. Your children will feel more […]


Learning to market yourself as a photographer

We have a special trade in that we take photos for a living, marketing as a photographer can be tough nowadays. Everyone and their mother has a smart phone and they all think they can take great photos with them, learning to produce a quality of work that is truly incomparable is the best way […]


How to start selling photos

A big question I’ve received is how did I start selling the pictures I took, this post is going to be a quick guide into how you can start selling your photography real quick! If you are worried about failing a customer you need to develop a tad bit more confidence in your shooting abilities. […]


The importance of good storage

If you are new to photography you may have never experienced a wipe and understand the need for high-quality digital storage mediums, to those who are so lucky as to have never experienced the loss of real photos I warn you ahead of time. DO NOT CHEAP OUT ON STORAGE. Those cheap little dollar store […]


The importance of being Shot-Ready

What is “Shot-Ready”? It’s having your camera ready to rock at a moments notice, there is nothing worse as a photographer then seeing the perfect image in your eyes and reaching for a camera only to see batteries at 0%. If you are a non-stationary photographer it’s absolutely key you are always carrying your base […]


What makes a good photo?

With so much of the work in photography done now post shot with photoshop and other devices, it’s no wonder it’s hard to hit the nail on the hammer for a definition of a “good “. What used to make a good photo was being able to capture that absolutely picture perfect priceless moment, the […]


A Short Review of the Nikon Coolpix S7000

The Nikon Coolpix has a variety of features making one of the best buys on the market available `today for the price. It features a back-illuminated 20 million pixel CMOS sensor and a 20x optical zoom making it ideal for capturing an equivalent angle of view of 25-500 mm in 35mm terms. This product was […]