Shopping for the right lens

Shopping for a lens can be tough there are many different brands and so many different styles it’s real tough to choose just the perfect one for you. The first thing you need to consider is your pricing point, can you afford a real expensive lens in the first place? It’s no use even looking […]


What are camera phones doing to photography?

A big complaint I hear a lot of the time is that the camera phone industry is ruining photography, these days everyone has access to many mega pixels more then the professional grade cameras of yesterday. While it still stands true that no camera phone will match a studio camera masterpiece, however does it really […]


What is Real Estate Photography?

There is an entire industry built around shooting houses, so much so that people are making an absolute killing off them! If the thought of shooting houses appeals to you, consider real estate photography!The job consists of shooting houses and as you increase in fame you’ll, of course, be moving up and onto bigger and […]


What is Product Photography

Product photography is a great job and career, and it’s probably the easiest form of photography too! There are millions of products out there and every single one of them needs to be photographed and thrown on some website or in some flyer. That, of course, means there are huge opportunities for money making as […]


How to take a good selfie

While some may rain hate on the self-photograph, there is nothing wrong with taking a photo of yourself. Folks who say it is done in vain may be right in some cases, but if you want to take a picture of yourself who has the right to stop you? Nobody, selfie away anytime and anywhere […]


Time Lapse Photography

There are many options for shooting photo’s over a duration of time, while most modern cameras even have an option for time-lapse photo’s many people don’t even know what they could time lapse! The feature is real sweet allowing you to set your camera to shoot every X seconds provides for a wonderful plethora of […]


Short review of the nikon D7200

Nikon’s ability to offer million-pixel APS-C sized (DX format) CMOS sensor with an autofocusing system is revolutionary. The new D7200 is made for the enthusiast individuals who appreciate quality. With a new Expeed processor included in Nikon’s new camera sets the top value of ISO all the way up to ISO 102400 (equivalent). Wi-fi is […]


Zoom blur effect in photography

Creativity in the photographic industry is the key to successful endeavours. The zoom blur effect is a quick way to create amazing images in a quick and easy process. The zoom blur effect is basically pressing the shutter release button while you are zooming in on the area you wish to capture. This effect can […]


Levitating effect in photography

The levitating effect in photography can create mind boggling images not seen before in the history of the industry until recent times. You will however, need certain products to accomplish such a feat. A tripod, camera, and chair is a necessity to create the levitating effect. You can also use a off camera flash to […]


Using a graphics tablet for photography

Using a graphics tablet to take pictures is not as hard as one might think. It is revolutionary in its idea and economical. You will be able to save time and no trial and error is necessary when you use said device. The best retouching effect available in the modern era is available when using […]