A picture is really worth a thousand words

I thought I’d take this post to talk about one of my favourite quotes and the meaning behind it. I never quite understood the statement and how literally it could be applied until I met a blind person. Explaining my photos and the work I do actually took loads of words, it was a bit […]


DIY photo equipment

There are many different ways to build expensive camera equipment for cheap, for every 10,000 dollar gyro stabilizer there are 5 photographers using ones built for less than 100$. While of course in most cases there is no substitute for a quality equipment tool, some of the time those quick DIY photo equipment build ups […]


Learning to shoot nature

Nature photography is one of my favourites, there is quite nothing like being able to capture the beauty and essence of nature in a picture you can keep forever. Learning how to correctly shoot landscapes takes time though and there are many different tricks and tips to consider when heading out into the bush to […]


Why you need photographer friends

There is a reason soldiers develop such strong bonds, they are invested in each others lives just as much as they are their own. You need to treat your fellow photographers just like comrades, find some people who are about at the same skill level as your or better in photography and work together on […]


Time is a factor, not a hurdle

A lot of people see the time it takes to get good at photography as a hurdle into making more money. While of course until you’ve reached a higher level of skill in photography no one will have any desire to pay top dollar for your photos don’t look at that as a bad thing. […]


Why I love what I do

A lot of people ask me whether or not photography is actually a passion of mine or whether I’m in it for the money. While I can’t lie the money is definitely keeping me interested in shooting, it’s by no means the only reason I shoot photography. I truly love to take pictures capturing images […]


Way back remembrance: Developing photos

I remember back in the times when I used to have to process and develop my own photography in those ever so dark photo labs, the world sure has changed quite a bit since then. I’ve been working in the photography business for quite some time and it’s wonderful to see this process all but […]


Why Instagram is great for photographers

Instagram is a wonderful tool for photographers to display and show off their works, it’s easy to get onto Instagram and the potential for building up your brand is there too! Working within their system you are supposed to technically use the photos you take with your mobile phone. However by simply uploading photos from […]