Lighting Techniques

Simply put, if you have light, you have a picture. If you have no light, you have no picture. It is important to be mindful that correct photography lighting techniques need not be overemphasized. Light effects can create dramatic photographs that connoisseurs of art crave for. The most critical topic in photography is type of […]


Photography Profession

Have You Ever Considered Photography as a Profession? Photography is an exciting field that is not only considered a hobby. One may choose to consider photography as a profession. Professional photographers engage their entire life in taking good images where they profit and make a name out of their great photographs. Their works can be […]


To Be Or Not To Be Skilled?

That is the question. Basically, there is not much difference between using a digital camera and a film camera. In fact, most experts believe that using a digital camera actually spoils the photographer, making everything so easy for him. Still, there are many who remain daunted by the prospects of using a digital camera especially […]


Nifty Fifty Anyone?

The 50 mm lens or the Nifty fifty is one of the most popular camera lenses in the market. The lens is preferred by many photographers due to its many benefits: Ideal For Low Photography The 50 mm lens is a prime lens thus, which means it is fixed and does not zoom. It takes […]