About The Fotographer

About The Fotographer

Jestein Futrell began taking pictures before she could write. Her ability to tell a story rested in her flair to capture special moments with her camera. Her father, a photographer himself, honed her innate abilities and by the time she was in high school, Jestein was an undeniable artist.

When the 35 mm world of photography went digital, Jestein embraced the ability to challenge viewers to see beyond the ordinary, and enter a world where objects take on different shapes and colors. Through the click of a mouse and her skillful command of software, she delivers images that are flawless in nature, yet retain a realism the captures the true essence of the subject.

Jestein’s formal training as an architect enhances her natural gifts as a photographer. She peers through the lens of her camera and sees lines and curves that transform a simple photograph of children playing into a work of art. The waves of an ocean sit in perfect juxtaposition to the beach, wilting flowers are preserved in impeccable form, and often backgrounds and foregrounds lose their perspective.

Jestein unselfishly shares her gift with others. Her students learn to see the world as she does, to find art in the mundane. Her followers look to her to gain access to distant lands and her clients trust her with their memories.

Jestein, like her art, has many layers that can be appreciated in part, or as a whole. And the real beauty of her talents is that they continue to evolve, even as we look upon them in awe.

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